League All Meets 2017-2018

MeetTypeSancStart dateEnd dateCourseLocation
Sa National Aquatic Championship 2018-PE info23/04/201828/04/2018LNEWTON PARK
SA Level 2 Regional Age Group Champs 2018-OUT info07/04/201809/04/2018LOUTSHOORN
SA Level 3 Regional Age Group Champs 2018-CT info03/04/201806/04/2018LUWC POOL
2018 SASAPD National Championships info31/03/201801/04/2018LOLindsay Saker Aquatics Centre
SA National JNR Age Group Champs 2018-KZN info21/03/201825/03/2018LKings Park Pool Durban
CTMA Level 1 Intra Provincial A/Group Champs info09/03/201810/03/2018SFairmont High
Mad Wave Challenge infoSSA09/03/201811/03/2018LNewcastle Municipal Pool
SA National Aquatic Championship 2018 - OWS info03/03/201804/03/2018LMarina Martinique
Metro Invitational JL Champs - 3Mar'18 info03/03/201803/03/2018SSun Valley
2018 Grand Prix Invitational Swimming Meet-CT info16/02/201818/02/2018LStellenbosch University Pool
CTMA Qualifying Gala 3 - 27to28Jan'18 info27/01/201828/01/2018LUniversity of the Western Cape
CTMA Junior Invitational Champs -19to21Jan'18 info20/01/201821/01/2018LSUWC
NMBA Inter-Provincial Gala 2018 Results13/01/201813/01/2018LNewton Park Pool
CTMA Junior League 7 Results13/01/201813/01/2018SFairmont High
KZNA Premier Champs & Commonwealth Trials Results16/12/201722/12/2017LKings Park Swimming Pool
Valley Classic Swim Meet Results09/12/201709/12/2017SOSunvalley Primary School
Cana Zone IV 1st Junior OWS Championship Results02/12/201703/12/2017LMont Choisy
WC SUMMER CHAMPS Results01/12/201705/12/2017LUWC
Quaggaskloof Openwater Swim Results26/11/201726/11/2017LOQuaggaskloof Dam
Night Mania Gala Results25/11/201725/11/2017SFairmont High School
BCA Championships 2017 info24/11/201726/11/2017LJoan Harrison
Eden LC Champs 2017 info24/11/201725/11/2017LNA Smit
Western Cape JL6 Gala Results18/11/201718/11/2017SMetro/Winelands/West Coast/Overberg/Karoo
eThekwini TYR Westville Sprints 2017 info17/11/201719/11/2017SOKings Park Pool
Brazilian National OW Championships 2017 Results16/11/201718/11/2017LOiNema
EC Swim Series OWS 2 info12/11/201712/11/2017LOMarina Martinique
WC Qualifying Gala 2 Results11/11/201712/11/2017LUniversity of the Western Cape
Western Cape Winelands SL Summer 4 Results04/11/201704/11/2017STBA
Western Cape SL Summer 4 Results04/11/201704/11/2017LTBA
36th Freda Barnard Gala Invitational Gala Results03/11/201705/11/2017LNA Smit
Bengeula Cove Swim Results29/10/201729/10/2017LOBengeula Cove
EDEN 2nd A-League Gala 2017 Results28/10/201728/10/2017LNA Smit
Harry Moore Invitational Gala Results27/10/201728/10/2017SRûens
EDEN 1st A-League Gala 2017 Results21/10/201721/10/2017LNA Smit
EC Swim Series OWS 1 Results15/10/201715/10/2017LMarina Martinique
WC JL5 Gala Results14/10/201714/10/2017SFairmont High School
Western Cape JL5 Officials info14/10/201714/10/2017SMetro / Winelands / West Coast / Overberg
Western Cape OFFICIALS Summer 3 info07/10/201707/10/2017LTBA - DISTRICTS
WC Metro SL3 Results07/10/201707/10/2017LUniversity of the Western Cape
WC Winelands Summer 3 Results07/10/201707/10/2017LStellenbosch
KZN Seagulls Winter Short Course Championship Results05/10/201708/10/2017SKings Park Aquatic Centre
Splash Clash 2017 Results04/10/201704/10/2017SWellness World
FINA/Airweave Swimming World Cup - Doha Results04/10/201705/10/2017SDoha
Cape Bierman Annual Gala Results30/09/201730/09/2017SOFairmont High School
FINA/Airweave Swimming World Cup - Hong Kong Results30/09/201701/10/2017Sng Hong Kong
Waterborn Invitational 2017 info30/09/201701/10/2017LEllis Park Swimming Pool
Aquabear Invitational Meet Results29/09/201702/10/2017LNewton Park Pool
Seals Gala info23/09/201723/09/2017LOStaduim Pool
USSA Swimming Championships 2017 Results22/09/201724/09/2017LLC de Villiers
Len Open Water Cup 2017-Italy Results16/09/201717/09/2017LBracciano
Western Cape JL4 Gala Results16/09/201716/09/2017SMetro / Winelands / West Coast / Overberg
EDEN SC Champs 2017 info15/09/201716/09/2017SWellness World Swimming Pool
Western Cape SL Summer 2 Results*09/09/201709/09/2017LTBA UWC / Strand or - Districts
2nd A League Gala 2017 Results09/09/201709/09/2017LNewton Park Pool
Western Cape Winelands Summer 2 Results09/09/201709/09/2017LUniversity of Stellenbosh..Winelands.
eThekwini Action Swimming Champs 2017 info08/09/201710/09/2017LOKings Park Swimming Pool
Walmers 25m Spring Gala Results26/08/201726/08/2017SCurro Durbanville
Walmers Spring Gala Results26/08/201726/08/2017SCurro Durbanville
6th FINA World Junior Swimming Champs-USA Results23/08/201728/08/2017LIndianapolis
Eden 3rd SC Gala 2017 Results19/08/201719/08/2017SWellness World
NTS Junior Short Course Champs 2017 Results19/08/201720/08/2017SCurro College Hazeldean
Western Cape JL Gala 3 Results19/08/201719/08/2017SMetro/Winelands/West Coast/Overberg
Western Cape JL3 Officials info19/08/201719/08/2017SOMetro / Winelands / West Coast / Overberg
Nedbank Madibaz Swim Meet Results18/08/201719/08/2017LNewton Park Pool
Western Cape SL Summer 1 Results12/08/201712/08/2017LTBA - UWC or Districts
Western Cape SL S1 Officials info12/08/201712/08/2017LTBA - UWC
Sa Short Course Swimming Champs (25m) PMBG 17 Results10/08/201713/08/2017SGC Joliffe Swimming Pool
Royal Swimming Academy Gala Results05/08/201706/08/2017SWellness World George
Eden 2nd SC Gala 2017 Results29/07/201729/07/2017SWellness World
Quadrangle Gala Results29/07/201729/07/2017SPlanet Fitness
Western Cape SC Championships Officials info21/07/201721/07/2017SOMetro / Winelands / West Coast / Overberg
Western Cape Winter SC Championships 2017 Results21/07/201723/07/2017SFairmont High School
Commomwealth Youth Games Bahamas 2017 Results19/07/201722/07/2017LBetty Kelly-Kenning National Swim Complex
17th Fina World Champs Budapest 2017 Results16/07/201730/07/2017LBudapest
20th Maccabiah Games 2017 Results09/07/201712/07/2017LIsrael
PEA Winter Gala 2017 Results30/06/201702/07/2017LNewton Park Swimming Pool
Western Cape Winter Gala 1 Results17/06/201717/06/2017SFairmont High School
Western Cape SL - Winter 1 Officials info17/06/201717/06/2017SMetro / Winelands / West Coast / Overberg
Western Cape JL 2 Gala Results10/06/201710/06/2017SMetro / Winelands / West Coast / Overberg
Western Cape JL2 Officials Gala info10/06/201710/06/2017SMetro / Winelands / West Coast / Overberg
Western Cape Qualifying Gala 1 Results20/05/201721/05/2017SFairmont High School
Western Cape JL1 Gala Results13/05/201713/05/2017SMetro / Winelands / West Coast / Overberg
ASA South West Regionals Results13/05/201721/05/2017LMillfield School & Bristol
SA Level 3 Regional Age Group Champs 2017-NTS Results23/03/201726/03/2017LNTSPenny Heyns Pool
Gauteng Schools Swimming Trials 2017 Results17/02/201718/02/2017LHillcrest Swimming Pool
NTS Feb 2017 Age Group Level 3+ Results03/02/201704/02/2017LHillcrest Swimming Pool
NTS Jan 2017 Age Group Level 1+2 Results27/01/201728/01/2017LHillcrest Swimming Pool
NTS Championships 2016 Results07/12/201611/12/2016LHillcrest Swimming Pool
2016 The Tshwane Mayoral Gala Results02/12/201603/12/2016LHillcrest Swimming Pool
NTS November 2016 Age Group Level 0-2 Results18/11/201619/11/2016LHillcrest Swimming Pool
NTS October 2016 Age Group Gala Level 3+ Results21/10/201622/10/2016LHillcrest Swimming Pool
NTS October 2016 Age Group Gala Level 0-2 Results14/10/201615/10/2016LHillcrest Swiming Pool
NTS September 2016 Age Group Gala Level 0 - 2 Results16/09/201617/09/2016L- 2Hillcrest Swimming Pool
2016 Speedo Hillcrest Sprint Gala 12&Under Results03/09/201603/09/2016LHillcreest Swimming Pool
NTS Junior Short Course Champs 2016 Results05/08/201606/08/2016SCurro School
EKURHULENI Winter Champs 2016 Results23/07/201624/07/2016SBoksburg North Swimming Pool