League All Meets 2016-2017

MeetTypeSancStart dateEnd dateCourseLocation
Sa National Aquatic Championship 2017 Durban Results03/04/201708/04/2017LKings Park Pool Durban
SA Level 3 Regional Age Group Champs 2017-PE Results23/03/201726/03/2017LNewton Park Swimming Pool
SA Level 2 Regional Age Group Champs 2017-PE Results23/03/201726/03/2017LNewton Park
SA National JNR Age Group Champs 2017-KZN Results17/03/201721/03/2017LKings Park Pool Durban
Western Cape Level 1 Championships Results11/03/201712/03/2017LUWC
SA National Aquatic Championship 2017 - OWS ResultsGrabouw04/03/201705/03/2017LNorth End lake
2017 NJCAAS Results01/03/201704/03/2017YBurt Flickinger Athletic Center
2017 Grand Prix Invitation Swiiming Meet-CT Results24/02/201726/02/2017LStellenbosch University Pool
2017 SASA-II National Open Championship Results20/02/201720/02/2023LPolokwani Municipal Swimming Pool
Western Cape Qualify Gala #3 Officials info18/02/201719/02/2017LUWC
Western Cape Qualify Gala 3 Results18/02/201719/02/2017LUWC
2017 Cana Zone IV Swimming Champs-Zimbabwe Results16/02/201719/02/2017LCity Pool
WC Open Water Champs Results11/02/201711/02/2017LBenguela Cove
Western Cape JL Gala 9A Results11/02/201711/02/2017SMetro/Winelands/west Coast/Overberg
2017 Grand Prix Invitation Swimming Meet-KZN Results04/02/201705/02/2017LKings Park Pool
Western Cape 1500 Gala 2017 Results03/02/201705/02/2017LBellville Municipal Pool
Western Cape Jack Currie Officials 2017 info03/02/201705/02/2017LBellville Municipa Pool
Gordan REsults Results03/02/201705/02/2017LBellville Municipal Pool
Western Cape Jack Currie Championships 2017 Results03/02/201705/02/2017LBellville Municipal Pool
Western Cape JL8A Gala Results28/01/201728/01/2017SMetro / Winelands / West Coast / Overberg
2017 Grand Prix Invitation Swimming Meet-Elli Results21/01/201722/01/2017LEllis Park pool
WCSAA - Western Cape Schools Trials 2017 Results21/01/201721/01/2017LBellville Municipal Pool
NMBA EC Swim Series 4 Results15/01/201715/01/2017LMarina Martinique
2016 Spartan Invitational Results16/12/201619/12/2016YThe Long Center
12th BSSA Nationals 2016 Results08/12/201611/12/2016LUB Swimming Pool
NTS Championships 2016 Results07/12/201611/12/2016LHillcrest Swimming Pool
13th FINA WORLD SWIMMING CHAMPIONSHIPS (25m) Results06/12/201611/12/2016Sm) Windsor
2016 The Tshwane Mayoral Gala Results02/12/201603/12/2016LHillcrest Swimming Pool
Western Cape Summer Championships 2016 Results01/12/201605/12/2016LCoetzenburg
Eden LC Champs 2016 Results26/11/201627/11/2016LNA Smit
Western Cape JL7A Gala Results26/11/201626/11/2016SMetro / Winelands / West Coast / Overberg
Mpumalanga Championships 2016 Results25/11/201627/11/2016Lvan Riebeeck Park Swimming Pool
NTS November 2016 Age Group Gala Level 3+ Results25/11/201626/11/2016LHillcrest Swiming Pool
NMBA EC Swim Series 3 Results20/11/201620/11/2016LMarina Martinique
EDEN 3rd A-League Gala 2016 Results19/11/201619/11/2016LNA Smit Pool
NTS November 2016 Age Group Level 0-2 Results18/11/201619/11/2016LHillcrest Swimming Pool
Western Cape Summer QF2 Results18/11/201619/11/2016LBellville Municipal Pool
Western Cape Summer 4 Results12/11/201612/11/2016LCoetzenburg Swimming Pool
Autumn Development Meet 2016 Results12/11/201612/11/2016SCity of Leeds Swimming Club
Western Cape Summer 4 Officials info12/11/201612/11/2016LUniversity of Western Cape or Stellenbosch
NMBA EC Swim Series 2 Results06/11/201606/11/2016LMarina Martinique
Limpopo LS Topskole 2016 Results05/11/201605/11/2016SMitchell House
Freda Barnard Gala 35 Results04/11/201605/11/2016LNA Smit
Florida Alantic @ IRSC Results28/10/201628/10/2016YAnne Wilder Aquatic Complex
NMBA EC Swim Series 1 info23/10/201623/10/2016LMarina Martinique
eThekwini Age Group Gala 7 Results22/10/201622/10/2016LKings Park Swimming Pool
EDEN 2nd A-League Gala 2016 Results22/10/201622/10/2016LNA Smit
Western Cape JL Gala 6A Results22/10/201622/10/2016SMetro / Winelands / West Coast / Overberg
NTS October 2016 Age Group Gala Level 3+ Results21/10/201622/10/2016LHillcrest Swimming Pool
Western Cape Summer 3 Results15/10/201615/10/2016LCoetzenburg Swimming Pool,
2016 Nova Southeastern vs. IRSC Results14/10/201614/10/2016YAnna Wilder Aquatic Facality
NTS October 2016 Age Group Gala Level 0-2 Results14/10/201615/10/2016LHillcrest Swiming Pool
MP AGE GROUP 2 - 2016 Results14/10/201615/10/2016LVan Riebeeck Park Swimming Pool
FINA World Cup #6, Doha Results08/10/201609/10/2016SHamad Aquatic Center
KZN Seagulls Winter Short Course Championship Results06/10/201609/10/2016SKings Park Aquatic Centre
FINA World Cup #5, Dubai Results04/10/201605/10/2016SHamdan Sports Complex
Waterborn Invitational 2016 Results01/10/201602/10/2016LEllis Park
Waterborn Invitational Master 2016 info01/10/201602/10/2016LEllis Park
Aquabear Invitational Meet Results30/09/201603/10/2016LNewton Park Pool
Uniswim Spar Summer Gala info30/09/201601/10/2016LVan Riebeeck PArk
Western Cape JL Gala 5A Results24/09/201624/09/2016SMetro / Winelands / West Coast
NTS September 2016 Age Group Level 3 + Results23/09/201624/09/2016LHillcrest Swimming Pool
Western Cape Summer 2 Results*17/09/201617/09/2016LUniversity of Western Cape
MP Xerox Sprint Gala - 17 September 2016 info17/09/201617/09/2016LOVan Riebeeck Park Swimming Pool
CGA Level 3/SANJ Gala No 1 Results17/09/201618/09/2016LEllis Park
2nd A League 2016 Results09/09/201610/09/2016LNewton Park Pool
EDEN SC CHAMPS 9/10 SEPTEMBER 2016 Results09/09/201610/09/2016SWellness World
Rio Paralympic Games Results07/09/201618/09/2016LNational TC
Royal Swimming Academy Gala Results03/09/201603/09/2016SWellness World
LP Shamu Sprint SC Results27/08/201627/08/2016SBen Vorster
Sa Short Course Swimming Champs (25m) PMBG Results25/08/201628/08/2016SGC Joliffe Swimming Pool
Western Cape Summer 1 Results20/08/201620/08/2016LUniversity of Western Cape
Madibaz Swim Meet Results19/08/201620/08/2016LNewton Park Pool
Western Cape JL Gala 4 info13/08/201613/08/2016SLong Street / Stellenbosch
Aquatics Gauteng JNR SC Championships Results13/08/201614/08/2016SBoksburg North Swimming Complex
2016 Rio Olympic Games Rio Results06/08/201613/08/2016LOlympic Aquatics Stadium
NTS Junior Short Course Champs 2016 Results05/08/201606/08/2016SCurro School
CGA Senior Short Course Open 2016 Results29/07/201631/07/2016SWahoo Aquatic Centre
Western Cape JL Gala 3 Results23/07/201623/07/2016SLong Street / Stellenbosch
eThekwini Age Group Gala 3 Results23/07/201623/07/2016LKings Park Swimming Pool
ECA Short Course Gala info23/07/201623/07/2016SDSG School Pool
Eden 3rd SC Gala 2016 Results23/07/201623/07/2016SWellness World
Western Cape Winter SC Championships 2016 Results15/07/201617/07/2016SLLong Steet Swimming Pool
Alberta Summer Games Results15/07/201615/07/2016SAlberta
eThekwini Age Group Gala 3 Results03/07/201603/07/2016LKings Park Swimming Pool
WESTERN CAPE QUALIFYING GALA 1 Results25/06/201626/06/2016SLong Street Municipal Pool
PEA Winter Gala 2016 Results24/06/201626/06/2016LNewton Park Swimming Pool
Eden 2nd SC Gala 2016 Results18/06/201618/06/2016SWellness World
2016 Alberta Age Group Trials - North Results17/06/201617/06/2016LAlberta
NJJKampioenschappen LC 2016 Results16/06/201619/06/2016LDordrecht
Alberta Summer Games Trials Results12/06/201612/06/2016SAlberta
Western Cape JL Gala 2 Results11/06/201611/06/2016SLong Street / Stellenbosch
Freeze or Fry 2016 Results10/06/201610/06/2016LOD
Mare Nostrum Canet 2016 Results08/06/201609/06/2016LCanet
Mare Nostrum Monaco 2016 Results04/06/201605/06/2016LMonaco
Eden 1st SC Gala 2016 Results04/06/201604/06/2016SWellness World
WC Junior League Gala 1 Results28/05/201628/05/2016SVarious
18th Annual Silver Cup Invitational Results28/05/201628/05/2016Loutd
WC Metro Winelands Winter Gala 1 Results21/05/201621/05/2016SLong Street / Stellenbosch
Best Times SCM info01/05/201601/04/2016SKings Park Pool
Sa National Aquatic Championship 2016 Durban Results10/04/201616/04/2016Lan Kings Park Pool Durban
SA Level 1 Regional Age Group Champs 2015-EGA Results01/04/201603/04/2016LEGADelville Swimming Pool
SA Level 3 National Age Group Champs 2016-PE Results18/03/201622/03/2016LPE PE Newton Park Swimming Pool
2016 ManSask Short Course Provincial Champs Results17/03/201617/03/2016Ss pp Indoor
SA National Aquatic Championship 2016 - OWS Results05/03/201606/03/2016LS Eikenhof Dam
2016 Grand Prix Invitation Swiiming Meet-CT Results26/02/201628/02/2016LT Stellenbosch University Pool
WP Summer Qualifying Gala 2 Results20/02/201621/02/2016LUWC
NTS February Age Group 2016 Level 0+1 Results19/02/201620/02/2016LHillcrest Swimming Pool
Age Group Trials - North Results19/02/201619/02/2016SCC Indoor
Uitenhage Swimming Club Gala 2016 info06/02/201606/02/2016LUitenhage Pool
Fast Eddie's Sprint Invitational Results06/02/201606/02/2016SIndoor
2016 Grand Prix Invitation Swiiming Meet-Durb Results05/02/201607/02/2016LurbKings Park Swimming Pool
NTS February Age Group 2016 Level 2+3 Results05/02/201606/02/2016LHillcrest Swimming Pool
NTS January Age Group 2016 Level 0+1 Results22/01/201623/01/2016LHillcrest Swimming Pool
NMBA 5th A-League Gala 2014 info16/01/201616/01/2016LNewton Park Pool
Blue Bears 2016 Results15/01/201615/01/2016SBB Indoor
Vita-thion CGA Champs Results05/12/201508/12/2015LEllis Park
WP SUMMER CHAMPS Results04/12/201508/12/2015LUWC
NTS Championships 2015 Results03/12/201507/12/2015LHillcrest Swimming Pool
NTS November Age Group 2015 Level 2+3 Results20/11/201521/11/2015LHillcrest Swimming Pool
Freda Barnard Gala 34 Results06/11/201507/11/2015LNA Smit
Fina -Mastbank Swimming World Cup 2015 DUBAI Results06/11/201507/11/2015LAI AI Dubai
Fina/Airweave Swimming World Cup Results02/11/201503/11/2015LHaman Centre
VII Gala Golfinhos Sprint 2015 Results24/10/201525/10/2015LGolfinhos Sprint 2015
NTS October Age Group 2015 Level 0+1 Results23/10/201524/10/2015LHillcrest Swimming Pool
Campionato Italiano Assoluto info17/10/201517/10/2015LCastelgandolfo
Limpopo Schools Champs October 2015 Results16/10/201516/10/2015LTzaneen Municipal Pool
2015 JP Fiset International Results12/10/201512/10/2015Scomp
WP SENIOR LEAGUE SUMMER 3 Results10/10/201510/10/2015LUWC
Waterborn Invitational Results10/10/201511/10/2015LEllis Park
BCA Shortcourse Championship Gala 2015 Results18/09/201519/09/2015SStirling Primary School
SWD SC CHAMPS 11/12 SEPTEMBER 2015 Results11/09/201512/09/2015SWellness World
11th All African Games-Brazzaville 2015 Results06/09/201511/09/2015LBrazzaville
LP Shamu Sprint SC info29/08/201529/08/2015SBen Vorster
NTS August Combined Age Group # 2 - 2015 Results21/08/201522/08/2015LHillcrest
FINA World Cup Paris 2015 Results15/08/201516/08/2015LParis
NTS August Combined Age Group Gala # 1 - 2015 Results14/08/201515/08/2015L015Hillcrest
Fourth World Deaf Championship 2015 Results14/08/201518/08/2015LNorthSide swim centre
Fina World Cup Moscow 2015 Results11/08/201512/08/2015LMoscow
Limpopo Age Group 1 Results25/07/201525/07/2015SBen Vorster
16th FINA World Championship Kazan Results24/07/201509/08/2015LKazan
WP WINTER CHAMPS Results24/07/201526/07/2015SLong Steet Swimming Pool
Sa Short Course Swimming Champs (25m) PMBG info16/07/201519/07/2015SGC Joliffe Swimming Pool
PRESTIGE 2015 Results07/07/201511/07/2015LKINGS PARK LC POOL
Pescara Naiadi Swim Cup Results04/07/201505/07/2015LPescara
Modulo Treviso Cup Results26/06/201527/06/2015LTreviso
Marne Nostrum 2015 Canet Results06/06/201507/06/2015LCanet
Marne Nostrum 2015 Barcelona Results02/06/201503/06/2015LBarcelona
Sa National Aquatic Championship 2015 Durban Results13/04/201518/04/2015Lan Kings Park Pool Durban
Sa National Aquatic Championship 2014 Durban Results13/04/201518/04/2015Lan Kings Park Pool Durban
SA Level 2 Regional Age Group Champs 2015-BOR Results19/03/201522/03/2015LBORJoan Harris Pool
SA Level 2 Regional Age Group Champs 2015-EGA Results19/03/201522/03/2015LEGAEGADelville Pool
SA Level 3 National Age Group Champs 2015-PE Results12/03/201516/03/2015LPE Newton Park Swimming Pool
Sa National Aquatic Championship 2015-OWS Results07/03/201508/03/2015LEikenhof Dam
2015 Grand Prix Invitation Swiiming Meet-Durb Results20/02/201522/02/2015LurbKings Park Swimming Pool
Limpopo Shamu Sprint Feb 2015 info14/02/201514/02/2015SUnicorn Preparitory
NTS Feb 2015 Age Group Lev 2+3 Results13/02/201514/02/2015LHillcrest
Buffalo City Aquatics February Age Group Gala Results13/02/201514/02/2015LalaJoan Harrison Pool
6th A-League Gala 2014 Results07/02/201507/02/2015LNewton Park
Time Freight Lake Heritage Water Festival Results17/01/201517/01/2015LLake Heritage
NTS Jan 2015 Age Group Combined Results16/01/201524/01/2015LHillcrest Swimming Pool
Italian Open Championships Results20/12/201420/12/2014LRiccione
CGA Open LC Championships 2014 Results18/12/201421/12/2014LEllis Park
SA Schools Swimming Championship 2014 info11/12/201415/12/2014LHillcrest Pool
NTS Championships 2014 Results04/12/201408/12/2014LHillcrest Swimming Pool
12th FINA WORLD SWIMMING CHAMPIONSHIPS (25m) Results03/12/201407/12/2014Sm) m) DOHA
2014 The Tshwane Mayoral Gala Results28/11/201429/11/2014LHillcrest Swimming Pool
NTS November 20014 Age Group - Combined Results07/11/201415/11/2014LHillcrest
Buffalo City November Age Group Gala 2014 Results31/10/201401/11/2014LJoan Harrison
2014 NTS Sen Inter Prov Results24/10/201424/10/2014LHillcrest Swimming Pool
Buffalo City Aquatics October Age Group Gala Results17/10/201418/10/2014Lla Joan Harrison Pool
Limpopo Schools Champs October 2014 info17/10/201418/10/2014LPolokwane Municipal
NTS Oct 2014 Age Group Level 0+1 Results10/10/201411/10/2014LHillcrest Swimming Pool
KZN SEAGULLS WINTER SC CHAMPS 2014 Results09/10/201412/10/2014SKings Park Pool SC
Sasol National Championship 2014 Results03/10/201408/10/2014LPenny Heyns Pool
NTS Sep 2014 Age Group Lev 2+3 Results19/09/201420/09/2014LHillcrest
2014 Speedo Hillcrest Sprint Gala 13&Over Results13/09/201413/09/2014LHillcrest Swimming Pool
USC Shortcouse champs 2014 Results12/09/201413/09/2014Lstirling primary school
CGA Snr Short Course Champs 2014 Results05/09/201407/09/2014SSt Benedicts School
Sa Short Course Swimming Champs (25m) PMBG Results07/08/201410/08/2014SGC Joliffe Swimming Pool
Commonwealth Games Swimming Championship 2014 Results24/07/201404/08/2014L014014Tollcross Swimming Centre
Sa National Aquatic Championship 2014 Durban Results07/04/201412/04/2014Lan an Kings Park Pool Durban
SA Level 3 National Age Group Champs 2014-CT Results13/03/201417/03/2014LCT UWC POOL
BO-2nd February Age Group Gala 2014 Results28/02/201401/03/2014LJoan Harrison
NTS February Age Group Level 2+3 Results14/02/201415/02/2014LHillcrest Swimming Pool
BO-January Age Group Gala 2014 Results24/01/201424/01/2014LJoan Harrison
NTS Championships 2013 Results06/12/201310/12/2013LHillcrest Swimming Pool
CGA Level 2-3 gala No 3 Results02/11/201303/11/2013LEllis Park
NTS Oct 2013 Age Group Level 3+ Results11/10/201318/10/2013LHillcrest
Border Short Course Championships 2013 Results14/09/201314/09/2013SStirling Primary School
NTS Sept 2013 Combined Age Group Results13/09/201321/09/2013LHillcrest
XBA Shortcourse Gala Results24/08/201324/08/2013SStirling Primary School
CGA Snr Short Course Champs 2013 Results09/08/201311/08/2013SSt Andrews School for Girls
15th Fina World Championships 2013-Barcelon Results28/07/201304/08/2013Ln n Barclona
Winter 1 Results22/06/201322/06/2013SSt Benedicts School, Harcus Avenue
Marne Nostrum Canet 2013 Results15/06/201316/06/2013LCanet
Marne Nostrum Barcelona 2013 Results02/06/201303/06/2013LBarcelona
Sa National Aquatic Championship 2013 PE Results15/04/201320/04/2013LNewton Park Swimming Pool
SA Level 3 National Age Group Champs 2013-KZN Results15/03/201319/03/2013LKZNKZNKings Park Pool
NTS Feb Combined Age Group Results15/02/201322/02/2013LHillcrest Swimming Pool
BO-2nd January Age Group Gala 2013 Results26/01/201326/01/2013LJoan Harrison
NTS Championships 2012 Results07/12/201211/12/2012LHillcrest Pool
EP Championships 2012 Results30/11/201202/12/2012LNewton Park
BO-November Age Group Gala 2012 Results23/11/201224/11/2012LJoan Harrison Pool
2012 NTS Nov Combined Age Grp Results16/11/201217/11/2012LHillcrest Swimming Pool
Border Champsionships 2012 Results19/10/201210/11/2012LJoan Harrison
BO-October Age Group Gala 2012 Results10/10/201211/10/2012LJoan Harrison Pool
Aquabear Invitational Meet Results28/09/201201/10/2012LNewton Park Pool
BO-Shortcourse Championships 2012 Results22/09/201222/09/2012SJoan Harrison
Sa Short Course Swimming Champs (25m) PMBG Results16/08/201219/08/2012SGC Joliffe Swimming Pool
BO-July Winter Shortcourse Gala 2012 Results28/07/201228/07/2012LJoan Harrison
London Olympics 2012 Results25/07/201212/08/2012LLondon Aquatic Centre
PEA Winter Gala Results29/06/201201/07/2012LNewton Park
49Th International Swimming-Sette Colli-Roma Results14/06/201216/06/2012Lma ma ma Rome
Mare Nostrum Canet 2012 Results06/06/201207/06/2012LCanet
Mare Nostrum Barcelona 2011 Results02/06/201203/06/2012LBarcelona
SWD LC Champs Results09/12/201110/12/2011LGeorge Swimming Pool
Border Championships 2011 Results21/10/201121/10/2011LJoan Harrison
Aquabear Invitational Meet Results01/10/201104/10/2011LNewton Park Pool
Border Shortcourse Champs 2011 Results27/08/201127/08/2011S
Border Winter Short Course Gala 2011 Results16/07/201116/07/2011S
Telkom Sa National Aquatic Champs 2011 PE Results11/04/201116/04/2011LNewton Park Swimming Pool Port Elizabeth
Telkom SA Level 2 Regional Champs 2011 WP Results25/03/201128/03/2011LWestern Province
BO-FEBRUARY AGE GROUP GALA 2011 Results11/02/201112/02/2011L
Inter Provincial Gala Results22/01/201122/01/2011LStadium Pool
BO-November Age Group Gala 2010 Results26/11/201027/11/2010LJoan Harrison
Border Championships 2010 Results29/10/201006/11/2010LJoan Harrison
BO-October Age Group Gala 2010 Results08/10/201009/10/2010LJoan Harrison Pool
Border Ice-Breaker Gala 2010 Results11/09/201011/09/2010L