League All Meets 2015-2016

MeetTypeSancStart dateEnd dateCourseLocation
2016 Cana Zone IV Swimming Champs-Mauritius Results20/04/201623/04/2016Ls Serge Alfred Pool
Sa National Aquatic Championship 2016 Durban Results10/04/201616/04/2016LKings Park Pool Durban
Western Cape Jnr League Interprovincial Results09/04/201609/04/2016SCarpe Diem Pool
SA Level 1 Regional Age Group Champs 2016-CT Results01/04/201603/04/2016LUniversity Of Western Cape
SA Level 2 Regional Age Group Champs 2016-CT Results28/03/201631/03/2016LUniversity Of Western Cape
SA Level 3 National Age Group Champs 2016-PE Results18/03/201622/03/2016LNewton Park Swimming Pool
WP Junior League B Championships 2016 Results12/03/201612/03/2016SBoston Primary
WP Junior League A Championships 2016 Results12/03/201612/03/2016SBoston Primary
Sa National Aquatic Championship 20165-OWS ResultsGrabow05/03/201606/03/2016LEikenhof Dam
2016 NCJAA National Swimming & Diving Champs Results02/03/201605/03/2016Yps Fort Pierce
2016 Grand Prix Invitation Swiiming Meet-CT Results26/02/201628/02/2016LStellenbosch University Pool
WP Summer Qualifying Gala 2 Results20/02/201621/02/2016LUWC
Dragons Night Fury info20/02/201620/02/2016LNA Smit
British Universities Championships 2016 Results20/02/201621/02/2016LSheffield
2016 Grand Prix Invitation Swiiming Meet-PE Results19/02/201621/02/2016LNewton Park Swimming Pool
WP Showcase Fun Relay info13/02/201613/02/2016LOSeapoint Swiming Pool
WP Junior League Gala 6 Results13/02/201613/02/2016SSeapoint Swimming Pool
EDEN 6th A-League Gala info13/02/201613/02/2016LNA Smit
Hamilton Aquatics Dubai Open Results12/02/201613/02/2016LHamdan Sports Complex
Paarl Night Invitational Gala Results12/02/201612/02/2016LDrakenstein Pool
Appalachian Swimming Conference Results11/02/201613/02/2016YChristiansburg Aquatic Centre
2016 Stanton C. Craigie Invite Results06/02/201607/02/2016YIndian River State College
WP JACK CURRIE CHAMPS Results06/02/201607/02/2016LUWC
2016 Grand Prix Invitation Swimming Meet-Durb Results05/02/201607/02/2016LurbKings Park Pool
WP JACK CURRIE CHAMPS info05/02/201607/02/2016LUWC
2016 Grand Prix Invitation Swiiming Meet-Durb info05/02/201607/02/2016LKings Park Swimming Pool
Derventio eXcel February Festival Results05/02/201607/02/2016LPonds Forge
WP Open Water Champs - Officials info30/01/201631/01/2016LOElgin Dam
EDEN 5th A-League Gala Results30/01/201630/01/2016LNA Smit Pool
WP Open Water Champs 2016 Results30/01/201631/01/2016LOEikenhof Dam
Emmanuel College vs Limestone College Meet Results23/01/201623/01/2016YChristianburg College
WP JUNIOR LEAGUE GALA 5 Results23/01/201623/01/2016SVarious
WP Open Water Challenge 3 Results17/01/201617/01/2016LEikenhof Dam
Devon County 2016 Championships - Age Groups Results16/01/201606/02/2016Sps Devon
2016 Grand Prix Invitation Swiiming Meet-MP Results09/01/201610/01/2016LNelspruit Swimming Pool
BCA Inter Provincial Gala 2016 Results09/01/201609/01/2016LJoan Harrison
FIU Sprint Invitational 2016 Results03/01/201603/01/2016YIndian River State College
KZN Speedo Provincial Championships 2015 Results16/12/201520/12/2015LKings Park Swimming Pool
Florida International Results15/12/201515/12/2015YIndian River State College
WP Open Water Challenge 2 Results13/12/201513/12/2015LEikenhof Dam
Angola National Championships Results11/12/201513/12/2015SNadia Cruz Pool
SA Schools Swimming Championship 2015 Results11/12/201514/12/2015LHillcrest Swimming Pool
Vita-thion CGA Champs Results05/12/201508/12/2015LEllis Park
WP SUMMER CHAMPS Results04/12/201508/12/2015LUWC
NMBA Championships 2015 Results04/12/201506/12/2015LNewton Park Swimming Pool
Eden LC Champs Results28/11/201529/11/2015LONA Smit
USSA Swimming Championships 2015 Results28/11/201529/11/2015LEllis Park
KZN TYR Westville Sprints 2015 Results27/11/201529/11/2015LKings Park Pool
Buffalo City Championships 2015 Results26/11/201528/11/2015LJoan Harrison
WP JUNIOR LEAGUE GALA 4 Results21/11/201521/11/2015SVarious
2015 Georgia Tech Fall Invitational Results19/11/201519/11/2015YGeorgia Tech Pool
WP Open Water Challenge 1 Results15/11/201515/11/2015LEikenhof Dam
WP SENIOR LEAGUE SUMMER 4 Results07/11/201507/11/2015LUWC
Freda Barnard Gala 34 Results06/11/201507/11/2015LNA Smit
Fina -Mastbank Swimming World Cup 2015 DUBAI Results06/11/201507/11/2015LAI Dubai
Texas A & M Meet Results05/11/201505/11/2015YIndian River State College
Fina -Mastbank Swimming World Cup 2015 Doha Results02/11/201503/11/2015La Doha
WP SUMMER QUALIFY GALA 1 Results30/10/201501/11/2015LStrand Swimming Pool
FSA Championship 2015 Results26/10/201501/11/2015LStadium Pool
African Junior Swimming Championship Cairo Results17/10/201520/10/2015LMilitary Academy
Otters Prestige Gala 2015 Results16/10/201517/10/2015LStadium Pool
Waterborn Invitational Results10/10/201511/10/2015LEllis Park
WP SENIOR LEAGUE SUMMER 3 Results10/10/201510/10/2015LUWC
KZN Seagulls Winter Short Course Champs 2015 Results08/10/201511/10/2015SKings Park Pool SC
GRSS 200IM Gala Results07/10/201507/10/2015SCarpe Diem School
Aquabear Invitational Meet Results03/10/201506/10/2015LNewton Park Pool
WP JUNIOR LEAGUE GALA 3 Results03/10/201503/10/2015SVarious
Super Sport Seals Gala 2015 Results26/09/201526/09/2015LStadium Pool
Neptune Volvo Spring Gala 2015 Results19/09/201519/09/2015LStadium Swimming Pool
BCA Shortcourse Championship Gala 2015 Results18/09/201519/09/2015SStirling Primary School
Otters Charity Gala Results12/09/201512/09/2015LStadium Pool
WP SENIOR LEAGUE SUMMER 2 Results12/09/201512/09/2015LOStrand Swimming Pool
SWD SC CHAMPS 11/12 SEPTEMBER 2015 Results11/09/201512/09/2015SOWellness World
V Commonwealth Youth Games info07/09/201510/09/2015LTuanaimato Sports Complex
11th All African Games-Brazzaville 2015 info06/09/201511/09/2015LBrazzaville
WCSAA - Western Cape Schools Trials 2015 Results05/09/201505/09/2015LStrand
Spedo Hillcrest Sprint Gala 12 and Under info05/09/201505/09/2015LHillcrest
WP JUNIOR LEAGUE GALA 2 Results05/09/201505/09/2015SVarious
Speedo Hillcrest Sprint Gala info05/09/201505/09/2015LHillcrest
CGA Senior Short Course Open Results04/09/201506/09/2015SEllis Park
KZN Beavers Winter LongCourse Championships info28/08/201530/08/2015LKings Park LC Pool, Durban
5th FINA World Junior Swimming Champs-Singapo Results25/08/201530/08/2015LapoSingapore
Kovsie Aquatics Gala 1 Results22/08/201522/08/2015LLindsay Saker Aquatic Centre
USC Shortcourse Gala 2015 Results21/08/201522/08/2015SStirling Primary School
WP SENIOR LEAGUE SUMMER 1 Results15/08/201515/08/2015LStrand Swimming Pool
Royal Swimming Academy Winter Challenge gala Results15/08/201515/08/2015SWellness World
ASA English Summer Championships Results04/08/201509/08/2015LPonds Forge
WP JUNIOR LEAGUE GALA 1 Results01/08/201501/08/2015SVarious
WP WINTER CHAMPS Results24/07/201526/07/2015SLong Steet Swimming Pool
Buffalo City Aquatics Winter Shortcourse Gala Results18/07/201518/07/2015SalaStirling Primary School
Sa Short Course Swimming Champs (25m) PMBG Results16/07/201519/07/2015SGC Joliffe Swimming Pool
Irish Age Group & Summer Open Championships 2 Results15/07/201519/07/2015LONational Aquatic Centre
IPC Swimming World Champs 2015 Glasgow Results13/07/201519/07/2015LTollcross Aquatic Center
PRESTIGE 2015 Results07/07/201511/07/2015LKINGS PARK LC POOL
28th Summer Universiade Results04/07/201510/07/2015LNambu University International Aquatics Ce
WP SENIOR LEAGUE WINTER 2 Results04/07/201504/07/2015SLong Street Swimming Pool
Sasol National Championship 2015 Results29/06/201504/07/2015LPenny Heyns Pool
PEA Winter Gala 2015 Results26/06/201528/06/2015LNewton Park Swimming Pool
WP SENIOR LEAGUE WINTER 1 Results20/06/201520/06/2015SLong Street Swimming Pool
Trofeo Citta'DiRossini Results19/06/201521/06/2015LPesaro,
WP WINTER QUALIFY GALA 1 Results12/06/201514/06/2015SLong Street Municipal Pool
2015 Cana Zone IV Swimming Champs-Luanda Results06/05/201509/06/2015LPiscina do Alvalade
ASA Regional Youth Championships Results02/05/201504/05/2015LLuton Sports Village